Back in the saddle

It's been 12 weeks since I had my operation and my lovely surgeon said I could ride after 12 weeks. My physio said to wait until 16 weeks but as all riders know, you can't wait. So yesterday I had a little ride on daughter's showjumper.

I was a little worried about getting on but I used the mounting block and managed to get on without any mishaps. My left leg felt a little dead at first and it didn't work as it should. After a warm up walk, we then tried a trot. At this point I think muscle memory kicked in and the leg started to behave itself and I could give aids. We trotted round the arena on both reins for several minutes and there was no pain in the hip! Such a wonderful feeling to be able to ride pain free.

I thought I would be sore today as it's been more than 6 months since I last rode. I can feel my adductors but other than that I am fine. Obviously I didn't work too hard as it was my first ride but all in all it was a great success. I am looking forward to getting back to riding again and even have the offer of another horse to ride. Meanwhile I'll keep doing my rehabilitation exercises so I can get stronger and ride for longer. My next goal is to hack out in Windsor Great Park.

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