Getting stronger

So 11 weeks have passed since my operation and time has flown by. I am getting stronger every day and I am trying to increase the distance I walk every day.

The hamstring is still not working as well as it should but I've bought some ankle weights to help add some resistance when I do those hamstrings curls.

I had a sports massage last week, given to me by my lovely friend Elise ( Like me she trained at the London School of Sports Massage and I can recommend her if you want a good, deep massage to help sort out your niggles. Elise not only worked on my errant hamstring but also sorted out my neck. I had woken up with a crick in the neck and despite trying to release it myself it was stubborn. I was very grateful when Elise finally got it turning again!

So it's more of the same this week. Keep working and strengthening the gluts and hamstring. Nearly at 12 weeks post op which means I can sit on a horse again. Can't wait.

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