How well are you aging?

This was a question posed by one of the websites I follow. The website is written by 2 ladies and they offer advice on health and fashion for those ladies over a certain age along with recipes, ideas for travel, gifts, book reviews and what to see at the cinema and theatre. I follow the website as it is co-authored by a client of mine and I love to find out what is happening in her life as she is the mother of 4 grown up children and has a very interesting social life. The website is award winning and I have seen it develop from a website originally set up by the ladies to share tips and hints about moving from London to the country to its current magazine form.

One of their most recent posts asked the question 'How well are you aging?' Interesting I thought and clicked to read the article. The post includes 4 tests to determine your mobility and how well you balance plus a couple of websites to visit to help review your health.

If you are curious about how well you are coping with life at your age then do give the tests a go. Here's the link to read the post:

If you are worried about your health at any time then please visit your GP.

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