Nearly there!

Nearly at the end of the tunnel

Just a short post today as tomorrow I am going back to the hospital for an x-ray to see if my new hip has worked followed by an appointment with the surgeon.

I don’t think I made huge progress last week - I think future progress with be in small incremental steps from now on. I am doing my physio and am pleased to report I can do 10 clams, 10 side lying circles to the left and right and even attempting kick forwards. I have to watch the left knee when I squat as it doesn’t behave as my glut medius on that side is still weak. I also have to concentrate as I go up the stairs to make sure the left knee stays in line with my second toe.

The good news is I am back driving but can’t just get in and out of the car. I have been practising the ‘Princess Diana’ way of getting into and out of the car – sitting sideways, knees together and then swivelling into the car. I am also trying to walk a mile a day with the dog to increase my stamina.

I will post tomorrow following my appointment with my surgeon. I am looking forward to getting back to class and seeing you all again.

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