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I went back to the hospital last week for an x ray and to see my lovely surgeon. My new hip has worked well and now I just have to be patient and let it strengthen. My surgeon told me I can now sleep on both sides which means a night of sleep and not worrying about sleeping on the right hand side and putting the left hip in danger of dislocation. I can move the hip in all directions but must refrain from pushing heavy wheelbarrows until after week 12 post op.

I then saw the physio on Friday who was very happy with my progress. He gave me more challenging exercises to strengthen my gluts and advised me not to swim breaststroke or cycle for 4 months, ride for 6-9 months and not to run. I’m not that worried about the running bit as I haven’t run for a long time but the riding timeline may prove too long for me. My plan is to have a private lesson at Wellington Equestrian on one of their slim, quiet ponies in one of their schools. I know I will have to use a mounting block and I hope to be able to walk, trot and canter. This is my dream and I want to achieve it next year.

The good news is I have been cleared to go back to work! I’ve been working in the studio doing 1:1s for a couple of weeks now but mat work classes start on 23rd September. I do have one or two spaces in the following classes so if you know of anyone who wants to join then please get in touch:

Mondays at 7pm and 8pm – 2 spaces free per class

Wednesday 10.30am – 1 space available

Wednesday 6.30pm – 1 space available

Wednesdat 7.30pm - no space.

Thanks for reading my blog. It's been an interesting time being a patient and working with other professionals to get me back walking again. I will keep blogging so please keep reading.

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