Six month anniversary

It’s been 6 months since I had my total hip replacement. I gave up blogging weekly after 3 months as I had no big changes to report. I just do my exercises, add some more in when I feel I need it and carry on with my life. Looking back on the last 3 months those little improvements have culminated in a change that I think is worth commented on.

I started full time teaching 8 weeks post op. It wasn’t easy but my theory was that if I taught I would exercise the hip and as long as I was careful it would help with the rehab. As a Pilates teacher you are tuned to your own body so I knew when to stop. In November after all that rain I had a very tight left glute to the point where it was painful and difficult to walk. I realised it was because of the mud in the ponies field and side stepping over the electric fence. The mud was challenging my new hip and muscles and other muscles were getting recruited to stop me from becoming unbalanced and falling over.

I paid a trip to see my wonderful physio in London who diagnosed tightness in my deep rotator glut muscles. (For those of you who are interested - Obturator internus, Gemellis superior and Gemeillis inferior). He managed to release them and it was a pleasure to get off his couch and be pain free again. As the rain never seems to have stopped this winter, my ponies field has been very wet and muddy and I continue to slip and slide in certain parts of the field. This means my balance is being continually challenged whilst I poo pick pushing a wheelbarrow, feed my little darlings and empty and fill buckets with water. No wonder my muscles hurt so I have to roller those pesky gluts and other muscles surrounding my hip to keep them working properly and be pain free.

I was asked to ride my daughter’s horses whilst she was recovering from an operation. I could not have picked a worse day – gale force winds and driving rain. The old lady was rather lively and I am pleased to say I stayed on despite her performing a sharp swerve to the left when one of the banners on the arena fence started to flap in the wind. I then rode the younger horse and I really enjoyed my ride. I even had a canter which I need to work on as it showed I have some way to go to getting back to riding. I felt stronger and I felt the left leg working and I could give aids. The video is a short snapshot of me riding that day – everyone else took shelter in the tea room whilst I was lashed by the wind and rain.

The plan for the next 6 months is more of the same. More exercises, strengthen the gluts and hamstrings (whilst not forgetting other parts of my body) and continue to roll those painful gluts and keep stretching the hamstrings.

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