Three weeks after THR

Just over 3 weeks ago I became bionic. I have been doing my physio exercises and today I was filmed walking without my crutch. Obviously my gait is not perfect - lean to the right anyone? So pleased I can walk without the crutch although the hip does feel stiff and not quiet 'mine' yet.

I am still making great progress. The bruising and swelling are nearly gone and I can see the beginnings of an ankle joint. I am still on the blood thinners so bruise easily but only 12 more days to go before I stop taking these tablets. I am only taking paracetamol now and then so feeling pretty good.

I am off the crutches most of the time. I am pretty good in the morning but by the evening my muscles are fatigued and so I use the 1 crutch for support. I am going up and down the stairs without crutches but still use the bannister for balance. I am getting better. Initially I used the bannister to help pull me up but now I am using it to balance. I’ve also been practising my balancing - I can balance on my operated hip now for a massive 10 secs providing the gluts are squeezed. Not sure I would win any prizes for this but another milestone achieved.

Finally, I have managed to sleep on the operated hip. I cannot tell you how blissful it is to go to sleep on your side. I found the whole ‘sleep on your back’ impossible and for 2 weeks I found I could only sleep for 1-2 hours at a time. The hours between 1am and 5am can be very lonely and time can pass so slowly but thank goodness for the radio 4 and podcasts as they helped me drift back to my light sleep.

Unfortunately, I woke up last night sleeping on my non-operated hip. This is a BIG no as there is a danger of dislocating the hip. I tentatively moved my leg and as there was no pain gently turned over onto my back. I then checked the bionic hip and was relieved to find that all was fine and I had not damaged anything. As a precaution I have put lots of pillows next to the right side of my body to try to prevent me from turning over to this side.

Still feeling tired and do need to rest. As it is August, there’s not much to watch on the TV although the cricket has been great. I watched all the boxsets I have been promising myself I would watch one day and despite the many options available on Netflix and Amazon Prime I just can’t find anything worth watching. Please send me your suggestions and recommendations.

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