Week 1 Post Op

It’s official – I can’t do ill, sit still or rest and recuperate. Not that anyone is surprised. I can’t believe how difficult it is to sit and watch tv or box sets. I dreamt of having days when I can sit on the sofa, drink TV, have people bring me food and drink and binge on the latest series. I am bored stiff and need to up my game whilst not injuring my new hip.

The operation went well and I recovered from the trauma speedily. Biggest problem I had was low blood pressure which caused a few problems which finally got sorted out late Friday evening. I spent the night under the power of some wonderful drugs lulled into sleep by the sound of the mechanical calf pressure socks. According to the nurses most people find them annoy but I loved them. They reminded me of when my dog Monty sleeps at the bottom of the bed and almost on your feet.

Like all major operations, regular checks were made through out the night to make sure the blood pressure was still fine and my oxygen levels were ok.

Bright and early the next day I got woken up to have some physio. I was really looking forward to finding out how my hip would work but someone hadn’t given the memo to blood pressure. Managed to get up, walk a few steps and then I was sick and away with the fairies. Back to bed with the old head lower than feet. Had a rest and my determined physio returned and said we needed to give it a go. Checked the blood pressure and it was OK so off we set. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself – managed to get out of the room and bam! had that swimming feeling again and the legs gave way. Back to bed and told to wait until the next day before I could exert myself. It didn’t stop me squeezing those gluts (Alan Herdman would be so proud of me) or doing a few small leg slides.

Day 2 following the operation arrived bright and early and another determined physio arrived. He told me I was bordering ok for going for a walk as the bp was still low but we decided to go for it. This time I actually managed a long walk with no fainting and even managed to go and down some stairs, perform the smallest of squats and did some side to side steps. What I found astonishing is my limited range of movement and how my brain kicked in saying ‘No! you can’t do that. I need to protect you’. This is the first time in my life where I have had a major operation with a long rehabilitation so it is going to be an interesting time.

On day 3 following the operation I was discharged from hospital! It was great to be home and back in my own bed. I wish I could say the next few days went well. I knew there would be swelling but no one can prepare you for it! I felt that I had one side of a Kim Kardashian bum that I neither wanted or paid for and my legs and ankles were twice the size of normal. I started to bruise like peach due to the blood thinners and had to visit the GP to make sure I was OK. Then I got jaundiced due to the medication I was taking.

So back to bed for lots of rest, drinking pints of water to keep the system flushed and determined to reduce the pain medication to stop looking like a sunflower.

Despite these medical set backs I am in good form. I walked someway down my road and managed a massive 600 steps. I am resting, doing my physio exercises and thank god, the cricket is on.

One week down, only 5 to go before I bend my hip and get back to normal things such as driving.

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