Week 10 post op

My cheeky ponies who make me smile everyday

So now the hard work begins and progress has slowed. It’s been 10 weeks since I had my operation and time has flown by. I am walking without a limp or a lean, I can walk upstairs without holding onto the banister and I can get up and down from the sofa using my gluts. I still lack stamina and am not back to full fitness yet but walking the dog is helping and seeing my ponies every day lifts the spirits.

I saw my Pilates mentor last week and we have discovered I have a hamstring issue. My hamstring curl on the operated leg wobbles and if I don’t use my gluts then my left leg tends to flop out to the side. It feels as if a weight has been attached to the ankle which pulls the bent leg down to the left. I then have to try really hard to get the leg back to that bent leg position with the heel in line with sitting bones. It’s such a bizarre feeling to have your bent leg involuntary flop to the left. We did some more testing and discovered that on sitting with my left leg straight out in front of me, I could not twist my staright leg to the left. My lovely Pilates mentor has added more exercises to my rehab regime to get those hamstrings working again.

I thought I was doing really well and was feeling great about my progress but I think I over did it at the weekend and am now paying the price. I helped do some field maintenance at the yard and felt a little ‘pull’ in the hip which has caused me some pain. I am now back to being careful and religious about doing my exercises. As my physio said ‘having a hip replacement is like someone who has broken their leg. After 6 weeks the plaster comes off and the leg is healed but it takes another 3 months to get strong again’. Wise words which I should heed. No riding for me until this hip is stronger.

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