Week 2 Post Op

Firstly, thank you everone for your messages, texts, emails, cards and gifts. They cheered me up and I feel so lucky to have wonderful friends and clients. THANK YOU.

Apologies for the following graphic photo but it shows my poor leg swollen and bruised after 10 days post op.

Post op swelling week 2

The highlights of this week was a trip to see the physio followed by a visit to the nurse 2 days later to have the dressing removed.

The physio was very pleased with my progress and has now challenged me to work without crutches before I see him in 2 weeks. Hmmmm. So now the hard work of rehab can begin. It was wonderful to move again – large pelvic tilts, squats, adduction of the hip standing up, walking up and down the stairs trying not to use a crutch, siting up and down from a chair like a normal person (albeit with several cushions on the seat). I even had a go at balancing on the operated hip. I am amazed how quickly the body can go from no or little movement to achieving something. My hip flexion is at 85 degrees after 10 days post-surgery so I am really pleased that things are moving in the right direction. I was totally exhausted after my physio session so had to go home and have a little lie down.

The dressing came off on Thursday morning and I have a very neat scar as my surgeon used dissolvable stitches. I can’t wait for the swelling to go so that I can try to sleep on the operated side. I am finding it so hard to sleep on my back and I dread the nights as I just can’t sleep. I cannot get comfortable - pre op I would turn over to one side and then drift off. Post op and lying on my back, I am finding radio 4 helps fills in those early hours when sleep doesn’t come easily.

The swelling and bruising are finally going down. My Kim Kardashian bum has reduced by half but I can only wear my jeans on the non-operated leg. I am glad I bought shirt dresses with pockets before the op. I tried to wear jogging bottoms but I am not sure it is worth the effort as it takes so much time to pull them on without bending forward or flexing the hip – thank goodness for the helpful tools I was given.

I have also weaned myself off the pain killers which means I am no longer jaundiced and the itching is beginning to stop. I am still on blood thinners so I have to be careful about knocking any part of my body as I get the most wonderful bruise a couple of hours later.

At hip school no one told me you would put on weight following the operation. It’s all that swelling and reaction to major surgery. I got on the scales once I was released from hospital and was shocked to find I had put on 6lbs. That’s a lot of chocolate that I don't remember eating. The good news is with the swelling going down and doing my physio exercises I have lost 4lbs easily. Soon be back in normal clothes.

Biggest achievement this week – I walked 2.3km using 1 crutch! This week’s plan is to start to walk without a crutch and not look like a waddling duck. This is going to be a challenge but if I am to get back to normal life by the beginning of September I need to keep going. Onwards and upwards!

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