Week 4 Post Op

Progress has slowed down. The good news is most of the swelling has gone (I can see an ankle joint) and I have a little bruising left at the top of my foot which is an attractive yellow. I find it fascinating to discover the places where the blood goes to. I am still on blood thinners but I finally stop these next week. Hurrah!

I am moving better but I know when I have over done it as the hip starts to complain. I am beginning to walk more and more without crutches and can go up and down stairs without holding onto the banister. I do tire easily and find that I need a rest in the afternoon.

I still have interrupted sleep and I am sure it is because I can’t sleep on my non- operated side. I do find myself waking up as I turn over to this side – it’s as if my brain is saying ‘no’ and then wakes me up before I actually do it!

I've also driven my car a few times. Not far - only to the local shop but it is marvellous to have some freedom. I can't buy much - just enough for a meal as I can't carry any weight.

Action from Thursday's class

This weekend my daughter competed in her first International 1* show jumping competition at the David Broom event centre (Wales and West) just outside Chepstow. The timing wasn’t perfect as I could not do my usual job of driving the lorry, groom, manage and run around like I usually do. So husband was recruited to drive the lorry down on Thursday with daughter’s boyfriend driving the car so husband could drive back in the evening. It was very difficult for me to be at home on Friday but I could still advise her when to warm up etc from home as I could access the Wales and West website and work out start times.

Husband and I drove down Saturday to watch her compete on Saturday and Sunday. The showground is huge and I managed 5,000 steps on Saturday and Sunday. I was sensible as I used my crutch not only for support but as a warning to the riders that I could not get out of the way quickly. I am very proud of my daughter as she was placed in both the weekend classes.

Some R and R time after jumping the Bronze Grand Prix

The hip held up despite the number of steps and the heat but I was glad to get home last night and put my feet up!.

Tomorrow is physio day. I am going to challenge my physio to give me more exercises. For once I have not strayed from the program he gave me despite me wanting to do more. I am being sensible which is totally unheard of but I need to get back to normal now. Four weeks off is enough for this Pilates teacher.

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