Week 5 - a slow week

This week's physio exercise
Clams - this week's physio exercise

What’s new this week? The numbness around my scar is fading. The best way to describe the numbness is that moment an hour or two after you have visited the dentist for a filling and the injection is wearing off. It’s a strange sensation. Slightly tingly with little or no feeling. I’ve been rubbing oil into the scar so it’s beginning to look less red. I was lucky to have dissolvable stitches so my scar will be a thing of beauty in the next few months.

I am still not sleeping well as I can’t sleep on my favourite side – the right side. I am counting down the nights to when I will be allowed to sleep freely on whatever side I choose. Not long to go now before I see the surgeon for that important x-ray and sign off.

I had physio on Tuesday and was given more challenging exercises. It is so strange trying to do exercises that I once took for granted. For example, clams. My brain was telling my gluts and leg muscles to move but nothing happened. I tried again and a small movement happened. I could only manage 3 small clams before I had to give up. There was pain so everything must be kept in moderation but my body is not working as it used to so I find it confusing. and interesting at the same time.

My big trip out was to the opticians. Yet again another part of my body is aging and I need a stronger prescription for my eyes. Many people have written about how you don’t feel ‘old’ but when parts of the body decided they have had enough and need help or replacing you realise that perhaps you are not the young, devil- may care 20 year old something.

Any way this old bird is not giving up without a fight. The physio exercises are hard but I am beginning to see a difference. I am beginning to walk better but still have a small lean and the leg does not move as freely as it should. I still have to keep to the ‘6-week hip replacement protocol’:

· No bending the hip beyond 90 degrees which means I can’t put on my socks without using the Soxon. Such a great invention. Also have to ask someone to do laces up on trainers.

· No leaning forward – adopt the golfers pose if I need to pick anything up – i.e. keep the back leg straight and behind me before leaning down. Best to ask someone else to pick things

· No crossing of the leg of the operated hip over the mid-line. This means no sleeping on the right hip and when I do my physio exercises I have to put a cushion between my knees so the my left leg stays in line with my hip and does not drop forward.

Thank you all for your lovely comments and messages. It helps cheer me up no end. I am glad the cricket starts again on Wednesday as there is only so many 'Say yes to the dress' episodes a girl can watch. As I know you are missing your classes here is a youtube video of how you should do the clam:


I will be thinking of you all as I attempt to do my clams and hope that next week I can tell you that I managed more than 3 a day!

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