Week 8 plus the weekend

Derby Hill at Wales and West

I can’t believe it has been 8 weeks since my hip was replaced and only 3 weeks ago I was at the David Broom Centre in Wales for the Summer International Chepstow show. At the show I was walking with 1 crutch and did had to be careful about balance and my hip range of movement.

This weekend it was back to David Broom’s for the end of season show which included Derby classes for ponies and horses. Derbies are a class where you jump a series of show jumps and rustic jumps and includes a Derby bank – a very steep bank for horse and rider to walk down followed by 1 stride and then jumping a fence (see photo above). It’s a challenge both technically and needs courage from both horse and rider.

I didn’t drive the lorry to Wales as my hip isn’t ready for that yet (its only been 8 weeks) but I did drive my car to Chepstow. All was good but the hip was a little grumpy as it didn’t like sitting down in a car for nearly 2 hours. This time I didn't use a crutch a I was walking around the show ground and I felt that I was back to normal (almost). I managed the lorry steps which are pretty steep and always used my gluts so I knew I was doing physio every time I went up those steps.

We then had 3 days of show jumping. The daughter did very well getting placed every day and jumping her first Foxhunter (1.20m) so another milestone achieved. She then rode Ellie (the 19 years young mare) in the 90cm Derby. Ellie loved it although she didn’t like going over the bridge and had a fence down in the Devil’s Dyke. It’s a long course – 20 jumps over a big arena so both horse and rider were pretty hot at the finish despite the pouring rain.

I couldn’t believe how far I had walked on Saturday when I looked at my tracker on my phone (see below). On Friday I did 11k steps, almost 14k on Saturday and only 11k on Sunday. I think I have run in my new hip!

So it was back home on Sunday night and back to reality. I am still doing my physio and Pilates as I know I am still not strong. My consultant says I cannot push a heavy wheelbarrow until after 12 weeks and only then if I am strong enough. (Thank you to my family for helping out with the ponies). I can think about riding again after 3 months but must not fall off! My physio told me they consider a hip replacement to be successful if you are back doing normal things after a year. Hopefully I won't take that long.

Classes have resumed this week so I am looking forward to seeing you all again. If you want more information about either studio or mat work classes then please contact me.

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