"I am hyper-mobile and have found it difficult to find a Pilates teacher that understood this condition until I found Deborah in 2009. She is great in putting together a program that meets my needs, building strength where needed whilst still keeping me challenged. Love the reformer and trapeze table and the addition of the Wunda chair to the studio increases the number of exercises I can do."

Mrs C, Berks

"I am a 50 something tennis player. I come to Deborah's classes as she helps me sort out the aches and pains that I am now experiencing as I get older. If I have played several matches during the week my hamstrings always tighten up. This is where having a studio with the equipment is an advantage as I can use the trapeze table to exercise and lengthen the hamstrings and calves quickly.  I look forward to my weekly 3:1 classes and the conversation is always great too."

Mrs E, Berks

"I have been doing Pilates with Deborah since my steroid injection to treat a disc problem last year. She is more than a Pilates teacher - her understanding of the body, the operation and how to make me better using Pilates was instrumental in my recovery. She helped me improve my core, strength, posture and walking so now I am pain free. She only has to look at me to know if I have been sitting, hunched at my computer all day and so we focus on exercises that put me back to together again."

Mrs W, Reading